Are you looking for the perfect shower doors for your bathroom?

A shower door may not be an aspect of the bathroom that you have given much thought to before. But the right shower door will completely change the look and feel of not only your shower unit but your whole bathroom. It is a vast expanse of glass that can dominate the space and offers the perfect opportunity to inject your personal style into your bathroom.

Our most popular and modern shower doors use state of the art frameless technology. This means that the flow of the glass is not broken by chunky plastic or metal trims, creating a modern and minimalist effect.

If you have a standalone shower unit with three solid walls surrounding it then a single shower door will be your best choice: that is the range we offer here. Single shower doors are available in a wide array of different opening options to suit your space and your aesthetic. Sliding shower doors are easy to use and a great option if you don’t have space for a door to open. Hinged doors are the conventional choice and would suit a traditional space. Bifolding doors are fun and thoroughly modern, offering an unusual twist to a conventional bathroom feature.

Sliding Shower Door

Sliding Shower Door

Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged (Pivot) Shower Door

Bi Fold door

Bi Fold Shower door

To open your space and make the room look bigger, choose a clear glass shower door. To offer extra privacy in a shared bathroom space, choose a frosted glass shower door.

Wondering what our shower doors are made of? We offer nano protected glass in both standard thickness and premium thickness for a heavier and more decadent choice. Nano Tempered glass is four times stronger than normal glass. This means that, unlike in the past, your screen is unlikely to break during the installation process because the glass is much more flexible. It also means that that glass is at less risk of cracking, discoloration, and other signs of age.

Worried about keeping all that glass clean? We also offer Easy Clean shower hardware which repel dirt, soap scum and other common shower cleaning issues. The shower door you choose will say a lot about your bathroom. Because all of our shower doors are modern and high standard, you really can’t make a bad choice when you choose a shower door from our latest range.

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